My Favorite Knitting Tools

Knitting Needles

  • Hiya Hiya Sharp interchangeables for my primary needles
  • Hiya Hiya Sharp 24" fixed circulars US 1.5 and below for sock and other small stitch projects for my primary needles
  • Knitters Pride / Knit Picks interchangeables in metal and wood for my plane needles. The join and cords are not as good as Hiya Hiya, but they are inexpensive. Should there be an issue at airport security, loosing them isn't much of an issue. Same for their sock size needles.
  • Signature US 1.0 24" circular needles. The Signature cords are a little to floppy for my taste, but the points are sharp. ...for those times when I want to show off a little.
  • Tools

  • My IPad. I load all of my patterns on my IPad. Its great for reading charts.
  • For picking up stitches after ripping out, I use a 40" 000 circular needle. The needle is thin and flexible so its easy to get all of the stitches back on the needle. I then transfer them as appropriate to my actual knitting needles.
  • Various double point needles. While I don't like knitting with double points, they make wonderful tools. I use them to hold stitches, to adjust a too loose or too tight stitch, to hold stitches for tubular cast on and bind off, for stitch counting -- pretty much anywhere I need something pointy.
  • Hiya Hiya Needle gauge. This needle gauge is compact, and measures needles from 6/0 to 15.
  • Puppy Snips. These are great little scissors that are sharp, but tiny. So far they have made it through US security.
  • Lantern Moon interchangeable needle case. I can hold all of my most commonly used circular needles and interchangeables in this case.
  • Tapestry & Darning Needles. Size depends on what I'm knitting, but for the most part I prefer the steel needles by clover. I mostly use the bent tip for weaving in ends and threading lifelines, but I use the straight sharp needle for Russian Joins.
  • Clover yarn threader. This threader uses thin metal that fits through most needles but is strong enough to handle yarn
  • Small ruler Its easier to use a ruler to check gauge than to use a tape measure
  • small tape measure. A tape measure is useful form measuring body dimensions and when knitting to specific lengths
  • Pencil and small notebooks. I record details of all of my knitting projects in small notebooks. I prefer the reporter style gridded notebooks by moleskin.
  • Small needle tip protectors. I don't use them to project my needles. I use them over the ends of my Hiya Hiya cords to hold stitches on the cords
  • needle puller. Hiya Hiya interchangeables come with this thick rubber grips for tightening the tips onto the cords. I prefer these small rubber needle pullers. They are thin rubber and much easier to use.
  • Small tins for holding beads for a beading project
  • #10 cotton crochet thread. This stuff makes great lifelines
  • IPad Software

  • Goodreader. This is my primary tool for reading patterns on the IPad. It has many useful highlighting tools. Maybe I'll blog about this as there are so many useful features.
  • Web to PDF. Its great for getting a knitty pattern into a PDF that can then be used in GoodReader
  • PDF Converter. Another PDF converter. Sometimes PDF converters screw up at the page transition, so if one doesn't succeed, the other might.
  • Markers

    TBD - I have a post discussing this which I will reference here.

    Crochet Hooks

    I prefer crochet hooks with the rounded pointed hook tip vs the flat slash tip.
  • 2.75 mm steel boye hook. This is my goto crochet hook for dropped stitches, fixing my knitting, etc. I knit a lot of fingering and lace weight yarn.
  • various boye aluminum crochet hooks. I use these I'm using heavier weight yarn
  • .6 and .75 crochet hooks by Profi. These have a long thin hook and are useful for adding beads to my knitting.
  • Bags

  • Knitting Bags. I don't like most knitting bags. I use 2 general purpose bags that I bought from REI for my day to day knitting. When I need a smaller bag, I go with my Tom Bihn Swift.
  • Slipped Stitch Studios project bags. I use these to keep my projects organized
  • Grooming

  • nail file. A broken nail catches yarn!
  • Hair bands for those times when my hair is annoying
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