Monday, March 2, 2015

Stitches West 2015 - On the Market Floor

As usual stitches was a wonderful event. However for the first time, we had to compete with an event at the new 49ers stadium as well as some other events in the neighboring hotel. These events made parking challenging at times. That aside, lets get into the details.

I have to say I was worried that I would over buy at stitches like usual, but the social experiment came to my rescue. I found that I just wasn't as interested in buying more yarn as I have in the past. I ended up with two yarn purchases (I didn't even fill a shopping bag). The first was a skein of Katahdin by Miss Babs in Coffee Break. I was searching for a skein of Berlin, but the one they had didn't have enough grey. Instead I found this skein. I may try for berlin again next year. Hopefully I'll remember to ask miss babs well in advance to include berlin.

My second purchase was some silk for weaving by RedFish Dyeworks. I picked up 7 colors of 20/2 silk for use in a future weaving project. I am just at 5/2 cotton, so I have a while before I'll be able to weave with this lovel yarn.

So thats it for yarn. I did indulge in some other purchases. I needed some shawl pins and in particular, I needed something that would work with my Indian Summer shawl. I bought this lovely spiral from Romi Hill at A Verb for Keeping Warm.

I also bought quite a few shawl pins from Gita Maria. I love enamel and I just couldn't decide so I didn't.

I also picked up a couple of weaving shuttles from KCL. A friend raves about them, so I thought I would try them out. I bought both a regular profile and thin profile shuttle.

I stopped by Slipped Stitch Studios and picked up a couple of bags.

I also picked up a bag at Fresh from the Cauldron. I have wanted to try a zippered bag for a while, but never found one I liked. I saw this 50's retro fabric and bought it. The bag is by Second Avenue Swag.

I also bought another shaker box from the Saw Dust Company. I think I'll buy one from them every year.

And finally, I found this lovely necklace at Ride Um George

Not buying yarn freed me up to investigate other vendors.  

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