Monday, February 2, 2015

Knitting the Sari Shawl

Several of us at Green Planet Yarn decided to do another knit-against. This time we are knitting the Sari shawl by Kieran Foley. This shawl uses a color progression of 16 colors for the background, a color progression of 8 for the diamonds and the border/ diamond stranding (these run in opposite directions) and a color progression of 8 for the stranded stripe. You can do this on your own or just go to ColorShift Yarns and buy the kit. I decided to go for a custom kit and I changed out the background colors. The colors used for this shawl are:

  • Botanical Green to Clay Color Bridge
  • Clay to Earth Color Bridge
  • Warm color Parade
  • Cool color Parade
  • Erica Heffman, the owner of Colorshift helped me by providing a picture showing how the colors would work. I ordered the kit and it quickly arrived.

    Before I could start knitting, I wound all of the yarn, giving each a tag showing the position of the color in its progression. The parade colors received labels from 1 to 9. The Color Bridge skeins were numbered 1 through 16 starting with Botanical Green. I used these numbers to keep on track when switching colors.

    We started knitting on December 26. I have recorded the stages of the shawl as I completed each background color. There isn't much to say about each step, but its interesting watching the shawl grow.

    I blocked the shawl by running wires through the points and through each end then blocked aggressively. My gauge was tighter than called for in the pattern, so I wanted to get as much size as possible.

    I love our knit-againsts because they encourage all of us to knit interesting patterns that can easily be perceived as difficult. Knitting in a group with friendly competition is an amazing motivator. I think I could knit just about anything under these circumstances. As it turned out, the pattern wasn't as difficult as I initially thought and became much easier due to the pattern repetition.

    The pattern is a 16 row repeat that is easy to read once you become accustomed to the pattern, but it does take a bit of attention. The pattern was fun and I've already queued another one. I just need to figure out my color combinations.

    I also used this as an opportunity to try my new Heavy Metal interchangeables from DyakCraft. Given that the pattern used two-sided lace with p2tog tbl and I'm a tight knitter, this was a good test. The needles were nice and slippery (not for everyone, I know) and will take some getting used to. It was nice to be able to get my needle into those p2tog tbl stitches.

    My sari can be seen at Indian Summer. Once everyone has completed their Saris, I'll post pictures as they are all very different.

    Prairie Willow can be found on Ravelry at noliegirl. Prairie Willow is an avid knitter and jewelry designer. My jewelry can be found at Prairie Willow Jewelry;

    Photos copyright Prairie Willow Knits. The "Sari" pattern copyright by Kieran Foley. .

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