Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals for 2015

Yes, I said I shouldn't bother to write up goals, but I'm going to anyway. I enjoy thinking about the things I could to do in the coming year. But I am realistic; I know I won't complete all of my goals this year. So here they are:

  • Continue working on using up sock yarn leftovers: mice, mini-socks, striped socks, weaving, or whatever I can figure out.
  • Put up another 10000 yards of yarn for sale on Ravelry. As I continue organizing my yarn, I should be able to find more yarn to list.
  • Learn 8-shaft weaving.
  • Continue taking other weaving classes. Purlescense has some more advanced weaving classes planned: Intermediate rigid heddle, intermediate 4-shaft, overshot patterns. Hopefully they will have some of these classes this year.
  • Get my big loom!!! I want a floor loom. My current favorite is the Baby Wolf
  • Weave towels or a table runner using cotton.
  • Weave something wider than a scarf!!
  • Dye more yarn. I have most of the supplies. I just need measuring cups, basters and some Magenta dye.
  • Knit something out of my hand dyed yarn
  • Complete sari. We are doing a knit against at GPY.
  • Complete a fancy fingering weigh brioche scarf. I just bought Nancy Marchant's new book, Fresh Brioche. There are some great patterns in there.
  • Get all yarn labeled and location shown on Ravelry. I will keep this goal until I finally complete it.
  • Continue with the social experiment. Even though I plan on exempting yarns for weaving, this year, record all yarns bought for weaving and under exemption so I can see how bad the exemptions are.
  • Complete 2 sweaters, one of which should be Lite by Lori Versaci. The other should be a cardigan.
  • Publish my purse sock pattern, my ankle sock pattern and my mouse pattern. Using my mitt pattern as a base, publish a cabled mitt pattern. I would also like to publish a simple hat pattern and a stranded pattern.
  • Work on my continental stitch tension.
  • Figure out an efficient way to strand on the purl side
  • Hope you all have a Happy New Year and a great 2015!

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