Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back on 2014

2014 was a productive year, although not when it comes to my goals for the year. I don't know why I bother with goals. Lets take a look and see how I did: , Galapagos, Double Brioche Scarf, Tequila Sunrise and several other woven scarves
2014 Goal What I actually did
Use up some of my sock yarn. I'm going to start knitting simple mitts for gifts and charity to use up some of that yarn (Stash Mitt-down) I knit 3 pair of mitts, but I envisioned at least 6 pair.
Use up some of my leftover sock yarn. This is yarn used to make other items, but not enough to knit another pair of socks. I'll use it to make small stuffed items, striped socks and striped mitts (Mouse Invasion) I completed 7 mice and have some more waiting to be finished (eyes, nose & attach ears) I also worked on mini socks and knit 5. I would have liked to have finished more. I did however work up a mini sock pattern and am in the middle of a mouse pattern
Use up some of my worsted & bulky stash. I don't really use yarn of this weight, so I need to use it up. Well, I knit a few mice out of leftover worsted. I finished Harbor Lights
Organize my stash!!! I need to get all of the yarn into named bins and record that information in ravelry so I can find my yarn more easily Well I managed to get most of it into bins and about half of the bins are labeled. I didn't get anymore than 20% labeled in Ravelry
Learn how to size a sweater to fit me well. Didn't do this
Learn how to calculate appropriate yardage requirements for a sweater I took a class and learned the trick for calculating yardage, but it requires a swatch first.
Use my sweater knowledge to adjust and knit the central park hoodie or a similar sweater Didn't do this one.
Make use of my newly acquired brioche knowledge to knit up some scarves and / or hats I knit one scarf
Complete the Master sock class book. I have 3 pairs of socks to go, so I need to finish them I still have 3 pairs of socks to go.
Publish some more patterns, including a stranded sock or hat pattern On the plus side I completed 4 patterns. On the down side, I didn't complete a stranded pattern.
Master tension when knitting continental style Didn't do this

It looks like I actually completed about 35% of my goals.

What else did I do this year?

  • Complete 11 pairs of fingerless mitts + 2 pair of mitts that I can't share as they are for a friends pattern
  • Complete 6 knitted scarves/shawls, two of which were lace shawls.
  • Complete 12 pairs of socks (one published pattern, 2 patterns written but not published).
  • Completed 4 hats
  • Figured out double brioche and published a pattern
  • Knit 15 mini socks and published pattern
  • Started a stash reduction social experiment
  • Bought a rigid heddle loom and learned to weave. I wove 13 scarves on the rigid heddle
  • Knit 2 sweaters this year. I normally manage 4, but not this year
  • Knit some baby stuff, 2 softies, a soaker, booties & pee pee tee pees.
  • Took a dyeing class and dyed 3 skeins of yarn
  • Took a class with Cat Bordhi to learn here versitilde technique
  • Started a 4-shaft weaving class. Class will finish in mid-January
  • Although I didn't do so well with my goals, I had a productive year. I completed many finished objects and I learned to weave and dye.

    Outside of my year, we did loose a few things.

    We lost a local yarn shop, Yarns by the Sea in Aptos. It was a nice little shop with a good following. They had a water pipe break and their shop flooded. They couldn't recover from this. Add this to last year's loss of The Knitting Room in San Jose and Yarn Dogs in Los Gatos; a lot of shops lost in my area.

    Several yarns I like went away this year:

  • Pagewood Farms went out of business
  • MadelineTosh lace was discontinued
  • Shibui Heishi was discontinued
  • Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted was discontinued.
  • We also lost Knitting Lab from San Mateo. I know Knitting Lab is continuing elsewhere, but it was wonderful to have it within an hours drive. Now I would need to fly to its location, and I'm just not willing to do that. Its a shame Sock Summit went away as I would travel for that.

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