Monday, November 24, 2014

Inside Out Sock Pattern Published on Ravelry

Inside Out is a simple pair of socks suitable for both men and women. One of my goals with this pattern was to design a simple, easy to remember pattern that worked well with variegated yarns. I decided to go with a simple broken rib. Broken rib results in a pattern that works on both the right side and the wrong side making the socks reversible. You can wear them right side out, inside out or one of each. The pattern makes use of the Broken Rib heel stitch for a nice cushy heel.

The sock starts with a 1x1 ribbed cuff, moving into the broken rib pattern. The heel continues the broken rib by using the broken rib heel stitch, and finally the sock ends with a 1x1 ribbed toe.

The following techniques are used in this sock:

  • German Twisted cast on or other stretchy cast on
  • Knit & Purl
  • K2tog, SSK, P2tog
  • M1
  • Slip Stitch
  • Pickup and knit through the back loop
  • Broken Rib Heel Stitch
  • Kitchener
  • The pattern can be downloaded for free at Inside Out.

    Prairie Willow can be found on Ravelry at noliegirl. Prairie Willow is an avid knitter and jewelry designer. My jewelry can be found at Prairie Willow Jewelry;

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