Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm Branching Out

I've been toying with the idea of buying a loom for some time. I've always admired the wonderful woven fabrics that show up in higher-end craft fairs. I have also admired the speed with which a simple project could be completed -- and I have plenty of yarn to use!! (See my social experiment posts.)

So, I picked up a Schacht Flip 15" rigid heddle loom back at the start of my social experiment. While there are limits to a rigid heddle loom, the rigid heddle loom has one really big advantage. The loom is easy to warp. In order to determine if I like weaving, I need the simpler start. If I get so addicted to it that I want a shafted loom, I'll be ready for the warping complexities involved.

Why did I pick the flip over other models?

  • It folds in half, even while warped for easy portability
  • It supports 2 heddles without accessories
  • Its well constructed and beautifully finished
  • A mini class came with the loom purchase (from Purlescence Yarns, the LYS where I purchased the loom). The class covered the basics, making sure that the loom was correctly assembled, warping and laying down weft. I started with a skein of sock yarn. I chose a skein of Cascade Heritage Paints in the London colorway. When you choose to weave both warp and weft with a handpainted yarn, you end up with a plaiding effect which depends on the length of the color runs. The unintentional plaid can be quite attractive.

    I plan on taking more weaving classes so I can master the basics and whip out those scarves! (I wonder how long I'll be satisfied with scarves?) I signed up for the intro series, a 6-class series which started in September.

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