Monday, July 28, 2014

Tieing up Your Yarn Tail

I always end up with a long tail, especially if I'm casting on with Long-tailed or German Twisted Cast Ons. Rather than cut the tail and let it hang, I wind it over one of my tail holders or I wind it up as I'll illustrate here.

Lay yarn across 3 fingers, with the tail end in the right hand.
Wrap over and around the back of your fingers, bringing the yarn back up.
Continue wrapping the yarn until you have about 8" remaining.
Pull yarn off of fingers maintaining loops.
Grab both ends of the loop bundle and twist to create a figure-8.
Grab the tail and wrap around the center of the figure-8 until only 4-5" tail remain.
The wrapped bundle.
Put a crochet hook through the loops on the side of the bundle furthest away from your knitting.
Catch the yarn tail...
...and pull through the loops
Keep the crochet hook in the loop that you just pulled through
Take the crochet hook over the ends of the bundle and catch the tail again.
And pull it through the loop. You can pull the yarn through and tighten or ..
Do what I do and pull through another loop, then pull through and tighten. This chain end stabalizes the wrap and makes it easy to undo when you are ready to finish your knitted item.
The final bundle

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