Monday, May 12, 2014

Making a Tail Holder for your Knitting

I tend to leave long tails on my work and they get in the way of knitting. I have tried many different ways to contain the tail with varying degrees of success. The best way to hold my tail is with plastic bread bag closures. Now this isn't my idea. Several people I knit with have used bread bag closures in this manner. Its such a good idea, that I need to share the technique.

Here is how its done. 

Save your bread bag closures. If you rub your fingers across the edges, you will notice that there are rough spots. These will need to be smoothed out.
I have the necessary equipment since I make jewelry, but thats not typical for most people. So, I went to my local craft store, Michaels, and looked to see what they had. I found the necessary files and metal punch in their jewelry section.
Out of these tools, I used both large files, some of the small needle files and the hole punch. Use the files to smooth out any rough edges or edges which can catch on the yarn and to remove the two bumps on the inside of the hole. You can file off the outside bumps if you want or just make sure they are smooth like I did on this one. (On the yellow one above, I removed all of the outside bumps.) The outside bumps can be used to wind a particularly long tail around the outside as well.

Punch a hole in the plastic in the lower right hand corner. I use this hole so that I can easily carry them on a knitters safety pin. The hole can also be used to the lock down the yarn tail. If you want to lock down the tail in this manner, use a small file to notch the hole so that you can lock down the tail in the notch.

The finished product is on the right.
My collection of yarn tail holders...
...and here are a several in use.

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