Monday, April 28, 2014

The Double Brioche BRP2 and SL2YO Stitches

In an earlier post, I demonstrated the BRK2 and SL2YO stitches. In this tutorial I will demonstrate the SL2YO stitch before a BRP2 and the BRP2. If you are familiar with single brioche and have seen the previous tutorial, then this will be pretty obvious. Lets get started.

The SL2YO Before a BRP2

Yarn should already be forward, but if not, bring it forward.
Slip the next 2 stitches.
Wrap yarn over stitches and around needle so that yarn is again in front.

The BRP2 Stitch

Put needle through the yarn and the first stitch as if to purl.
Purl together the first stitch and its yarn over.
Pull the stitch through...
...and off the needle holding the the yarn over on the needle.
Purl the next stitch together with its yarn over.
Pull the stitch through.
The completed stitch.

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