Monday, April 21, 2014

The BRK2 and SL2YO Brioche Stitches

As promised, I've put together a photo tutorial on some double brioche stitches. This article deals with the BRK2 stitch and the SL2YO that pairs with it. Double brioche parallels single brioche in its stitch construction. Lets get started.

SL2YO before a BRK2

Bring the yarn forward.
Slip 2 stitches.
Bring yarn around 2 stitches to knit the next stitch.

The BRK2

The yarn over from the previous row, wraps around two sitches.
Knit the first stitch together with the yarnover.
Pull the stitch through.
And off the needle, holding the yarnover on the needle. You will need it on the next stitch.
Knit the yarnover together with the second stitch.
...and pull through
The completed stitch.

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  1. Olá bom dia!
    Achei essa técnica linda, confesso que ainda não compreendi muito bem. Sou brasileira e na tradução alguns termos ficam um pouco confusos. Mesmo assim agradeço pela explicação e parabéns pelo trabalho!