Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vacation Knitting, Complete

Brickless was the final pattern of the Miss Babs knitting tour for 2012. As soon as I saw it, I thought it would make good vacation knitting. I wound the yarn and there it sat, until January when I needed travel knitting for a trip to Australia.

I started the pattern on January 4, as its my practice to start my travel knitting before the trip. I want to work through the basics to make sure there aren't any gotchas. This was particularly important since I was going to replace the ribbing with a brioche rib.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't get much knitting done on vacation. So, I picked it up to finish it before moving on to other knitting. I finished it with about 18" of yarn remaining, but only got six rows of the final netting section.

A few notes should you attempt this project with brioche ribbing:

  • My brioche rib:
    Row 1a (RS): KFB, (SlYO, BRK) * , (SlYO, K1)after the first section repeat. This row ends with a BRK on the initial row and ends with a SlYO, K1 on subsequent repeats. It doesn't really matter -- just continue in pattern. It only matters that the A rows start with a KFB.
    Row 1b (WS): P1, (BRK, SlYO) * , K1
    Row 2a (RS): KFB, (BRK, SLYO) * , K1
    Row 2b (WS): P1, (BRK, SLYO) * , K2
    BO row (WS): Finish off this row in straight rib to transition to the next section, ending with a KFB. (Don't forget this last KFB, as it sets you up correctly to start the lace netting section.
  • Use this brioche pattern with a grain of salt. On subsequent rounds, you may find that the pattern doesn't work exactly (You may end differently on a row that requires a different start on following rows). Just continue working in pattern and it will work out.
  • The bind off row is the setup row for the netting section. You will need to make sure you have an even number of stitches at the end of this row so that your netting will work out.
  • I knit the equivalent of 12 rows of ribbing in brioche rib. This means that I repeated my 4 rows 6 times. You need to knit both the a & b rows to get one row of brioche rib.
  • Since I ran out of yarn, I would reduce the number of brioche rows. Remember to complete both the A & B row.
  • This shawl is huge! I should have stopped after the fifth repeat + 1 netting section instead of trying to make it through to the sixth repeat + 1 netting section. If you do only five repeats, you won't need reduce the number of brioche rib rows.

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