Monday, February 10, 2014

Fitting Top Down Socks: Fitting an Integrated Toe

Most top down sock designs have a simple stockinette toe. A stockinette toe doesn't require any special considerations when fitting the toe. Some socks end with a "continuation" toe. In this toe design, some attention has to be paid to maintaining the pattern, but still pretty straight forward. A problem arises when the toe design is strongly integrated into the sock design. Some examples of this type of sock are the Lingerie Sock by Maria Naslund and Uloborus by Claire Ellen.

I have a small foot, so I had to modify the toes of these socks to get the socks to fit. The first step to getting a good fit is to

analyze the toe chart for working space, space where adjustments can be made. In the case of the lingerie sock the working space was found outside the lace pattern. In the case of Uloborus, the working space was found inside the lace pattern.


To adjust the lingerie toe, I went old school. I made paper copies of the toe and cut the lace portion of the pattern out.
I then overlayed the lace pattern over a pattern free version of the toe, adjusting the pattern within the toe. The result moved the pattern further down the tow, reducing the length of the toe by 6 rows,


The Uloborus sock called for a different approach. The pattern calls for stopping the leg at any even row. In my case, the stopping point wss row 22. Now, I could have stopped here and continued with the toe, but I thought it important to complete the leg pattern repeat.

I used the center free area of the toe and continued the leg pattern into that area. The chart shows the changes I made to the first 2 rows of the chart.

Since I only needed two rows, the center area had enough room to incorporate the pattern stitches. Stitches 10 - 22 are the leg pattern stitches that were inserted into the toe. I only saved 2 rows, but it allowed me to use a full pattern repeat on my smaller foot.

Every sock is different and presents new challenges. Can't wait to see what future socks bring.

These projects can be found at Lingerie Sock and Poison Orchid.

Prairie Willow can be found on Ravelry at noliegirl. Prairie Willow is an avid knitter and jewelry designer. My jewelry can be found at Prairie Willow Jewelry


Photos & charts copyright Prairie Willow Knits; Original Uloborus pattern copyright Claire Ellen; Original Lingerie pattern copyright Maria Naslund.

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