Monday, January 27, 2014

Felted Cat Bed for Rondo

I cleaned a couple of crocheted wool pillow covers and once dry, I placed them on a table. Next thing I know, my cat Rondo, had adopted them and turned them into a bed. So, I see an opportunity here to use up some stash and create a felted cat pad for Rondo. Since I don’t know how this will felt, I’m knitting a 38” square.

I decided to knit the pad in garter stitch stripes to use up some stash and to create a thicker pad. Rondo is a large cat so I cast on 125 stitches using the short-tailed long-tailed cast on in 2 colors.
It took a lot of knitting to get to 38", especially in garter. I used about 2 1/2 skeins of each color and 117 garter ridges. I bound off after completion of a ridge using k2tog bind off. My gauge is : 14 stitches / 4 inches; 13 garter ridges in 4 inches.
It took 3 washes, 1st warm, 2nd and 3rd on hot to felt and 5 days to dry. The pad is 3/16" thick and 25 1/2" by 26" in size. It didn't felt as a perfect square. The edges are longer than the dimensions through the center and its a bit wavy.
Yes, he's a big cat and he loves it. So even though not perfect, its a success.

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