Monday, September 23, 2013

Picking up the Gusset Corner Stitch in My Tumbling Water Sock

In my Tumbling Water sock, I aligned the Right Slip Cross Rib (Turtle Track) stitch with the corner gusset. One stitch from the turtle track stays with the insole and the other stitch aligns with the gusset decrease. Now, a traditional pickup could be done at this point, but the result was not the smooth transition from the turtle track into the gusset that I envisioned.

  I played around a bit with my pickup, using different pickup styles. I finally settled on picking up in the turtle track itself. The result is a smoother transition from turtle track rib into the gusset.


Here is how its done:

Identify where to pickup the stitch
Identify where to pickup the stitch, another view
Pickup stitch, put needle through the middle of the identified stitch.
Pull Picked-up Stitch through Base Stitch and knit it through the front loop
Finished Stitch

This technique could be used on a 2 stitch rib or a 2 stitch cable that line up in the same manner.

Information on the Tumbling Water sock can be found Stitch 200. The pattern will be made available for download in early October.

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