Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knitting a Right Slip Cross or Turtle Track Stitch

Right Slip Cross or turtle track is an interesting stitch that can be found in Japanese stitch dictionaries. I love the textural dimension that this stitch adds to a sock. The symbol for this stitch is . The stitch is knit as follows: Slip stitch 2 over 1, hold on left needle, K into SL & slip from needle, K into 1, slip from needle. Lets go through this step by step:


Photo Tutorial

Stitch 1 is the stitch closest to the needle tip; Stitch 2 is the 2nd stitch in from the tip of the needle.
Stick your working needle tip into stitch 2 pwise and slip it over stitch 1. Do not remove the stitch from the needle. You may need to hold the stitch in position.
At this point stitch 2 is now in the stitch 1 position.
Now knit into the slipped stitch....
...and slip it off the needle.
Now knit into the next stitch...
...and slip it off the needle.

The stitch is now complete. To use this stitch, alternate the turtle track on one row with 2 knit stitches on the next row.

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