Monday, September 30, 2013

Chevron Shawl Experiment 3

My goal in this design is to create a chevron shaped shawl. I wear my shawls wrapped around my neck like scarves. The traditional triangular shaped shawl results in too much bulk around my neck, even though I block them for width and not length.

My main issue is to get the stitches that form the back of the neck to have a lot of stretch when blocking, but still have some substance. This time I knit my back as follows: KFB, K, YO, K, (do some shawl stuff) K, YO, K, KFB. This is a better choice than experiment 2, as it gives the back more stretch. However, I'm a tight knitter so the amount of stretch is still not sufficient. When I blocked this one, I actually broke the yarn; not something I've done before. The back looks reminiscent of experiment 1's back -- not enough substance.

So what do I do next time? I think I will need to incorporate a YO that gets dropped on the next round. I also need to add another knit stitch into the border to give it some substance. I'm thinking: KFB, K, YO, K, YO, K, (some stuff), K YO, K, YO, KFB. On the next row: KFB, K DYO, K, YO, K, (some stuff), K, YO, K, DYO, KFB. Who knows I might actually need to do some short row shaping.

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