Saturday, August 31, 2013

Top Down vs Toe Up Sock Construction

When I first started knitting socks, I was enamored with the idea of toe up socks. All I wanted to knit was toe up socks. I thought I could get a better fit. Over time, I discovered that it was a lot more work to get the foot of a toe up sock to fit me and I became a top down sock convert. Here's why:

Toe Up Advantages:

  • You can use all of your yarn - just knit until you run out
  • Its easy to adjust the size of the sock leg as you go up the leg

    Toe Up Disadvantages:

  • Determining when to start your gusset based on your row gauge and the size of the gusset. This can be tricky if you are particular about the fit of the sock foot. If you fail, you have a lot of knitting to rip back.

    Top Down Advantages:

  • Its easy to get a perfect foot fit.
  • If you don't get a successful fit, you only have to rip out the toe and maybe a few rows of the foot.
  • Getting the leg to fit is a matter of knitting the cuff and some pattern rows. If you don't have a good fit, you don't have much to rip out.

    Top Down Disadvantages:

  • If you run out of yarn before finishing the toe, you need to get creative. If its just the toe, you can always knit a simple toe in a contrasting color.

    What about a heel first sock? I've always thought this would give you the best of both worlds, but I haven't knit one yet. The Double Heelix sock by Jeny Staiman. This pattern can be found in Knitty, First Fall 2011.

    So what is your favorite construction method and why?

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