Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rain on My Window

I finally published my first top-down sock design!! My goal was to create a design that had some good stretch and was an easy to knit design. The hardest stitch in this sock is the center double decrease.

This sock uses a simple pattern that is reminiscent of rain running down a window. Texture is created using center double decreases and yarn overs. Some ribbing is incorporated into the design to give the sock stretch. This top down design uses a standard heel flap construction and ends with a simple rounded toe. The sock looks best in a light to medium solid or semi-solid yarn with a good twist. The pattern will look good in a darker yarn, but the design will become more textural, since the flow of the stitches will not be easily seen.

I have tested the medium size sock. I have tested the transitions of the large size, but have not knit a complete sock. Please report any issues you may find with the pattern.

Skills Used:

  • German Twisted Cast on or other stretchy cast on
  • Center Double Decrease
  • Twisted stitches
  • Kitchener
  • Standard heel flap construction
  • Slip stitch heel
  • The pattern is available for free on ravelry. download now

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