Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ripping Out is Not a Bad Thing

There is nothing more frustrating than finding an error in your knitting far back in your work. It's happened to all of us. The first thing that runs through your mind is, Can I live with it?

I am pretty fussy about my knitting, but there are some errors I can live with. If the error cannot be easily seen or if its fixable after the fact, I let it go. Unfortunately that's not typical.

Rather than being frustrated with the need to rip out, I have decided to change my attitude. Ripping out is a good thing! I no longer think of it as moving backwards, but rather I'm moving forwards towards a better result. I am always happy that I ripped out after I've done it, because I have a better finished product.

I can also use the need to rip out as an opportunity to practice the skill of dropping down the stitches above the error to fix the error. Since I have to rip out anyway, nothing's lost but a little time.

So, take a new attitude to ripping back. You can practice new skills and have a better finished product. (...and don't forget lifelines when the knitting gets complex.)

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