Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Classes at Stitches West

This is the first year that I took classes at Stitches West. I took 2 classes from Cookie A and a knitting ergonomics class. Both Cookie A classes were interesting. The first class was traveling stitches. A little too much storytelling analogies for my taste, but good overall. The second Cookie A class was intuitive cable chart reading. This was a much better class and I can now read cable charts - yeah! The interesting thing in the Cookie A classes, is that there were people who took her classes just because she was teaching them. Personally, if I'm choosing classes, I choose them because I want to learn the topic of the class. Hopefully they learned something new about knitting along the way.

My third class was a Knitting Ergonomics class. I would highly recommend this class for all knitters. We should all be aware of how our body responds to the task of knitting. Having gone through the start of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Ulnar nerve problems from computing, I know I don't want to go through the same problems with knitting. So, keep an eye out for this class and take it! Protect your ability to knit.

Would I take classes again? Most definately. I took one class a day, which gave me time to peruse the market.

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