Friday, February 3, 2012

Slip and Slide is the Next Sock Club Sock

The next sock that the Green Planet Yarn sock club is knitting is the Chrissy Gardiner sock, Slip and Slide. The pattern for this sock can be found in the Sock Knitting Master Class Book. So far an easy knit, but the directions for the bridge stitch weren't particularly clear to my brain. So, I created this photo tutorial to demonstrate the stitch.

First, with the yarn in front, slip 5 stitches, stretching the stitches across the needle. the stitches shown here are purl, bring yarn in front, slip 5, purl.

After knitting another row, the SL 5 looks like this.

On the row where the bridge is actually created. First, we knit 2 stitches and then we need to lift the strand.

The strand is lifted over the middle stitch and placed to the left of it.

The center stitch is then knitted.

The strand is then dropped off the needle. This results in the strand being dropped behind the center stitch.

Prairie Willow can be found on Ravelry at noliegirl.

Photos copyright Prairie Willow Knits

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