Monday, February 27, 2012

Recovering from Stitches West with Silk

There are many blog posts associated about experiences at Stitches West, so I might as well join the crowd. This is my second time at Stitches West. My first time was 2 years ago, where I just went to the market. If you haven't been to the market, its quite an experience. Its best to go with a plan, which I didn't the first year.

This year, I took a three classes. I'll talk about them later. Taking classes allowed me to have several days exploring the market. My first day in the market was mostly wandering around noting the things that interested me. My second time through, I started some purchases and my final day allowed me to map out those booths which I had to explore further. Luckily on the third day of the market map provided by EGarcia on Ravelry. I downloaded this map to my Ipad and ad highlighted the booths I wanted to explore. (there is also a printable version). This was wonderful and I hope EGarcia provides this service next year.

Some of my highlights:

ArtFibers - I bought some beautiful silk yarn, Tantra. The yarn is supposedly sport weight, but it looks more fingering weight to me. I love silk that is in more of a "raw" state. This yarn still has a little sheen, but it has a lovely slight fuzz and from the samples will create a beautiful fabric. This will be a sweater or a tunic some day.

This is a raw silk yarn from Tess. The yarn has absolutely no sheen. I only have 900 yards, so it will have to be a short sweater or tank.

And then there is Habu. I love Habu. This time a bought some Tsumugi silk. This yarn has no sheen and a lovely heathered texture. This color is a taupe with hints of an aqua green. I also bought the Tsumugi which is the same color of green. Options are open here. I'm thinking of mixing the two yarns together. This would make a lovely casual sweater such as a henley.

More recovery with sock yarn to follow....

Prairie Willow can be found on Ravelry at noliegirl.

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