Thursday, February 9, 2012

February West Knits Shawl Pattern

Here's sneak peak at Frebruary's WestKnit shawl. Now, the big questions, what yarns should I use? I happen to have a skein of Malabrigo "Chocolate Amargo", which is one of the colors used in the February shawl. So I think I will go with that color as well. I am not fond of the pink and brown combination, so I'm going to choose a yarn with a green base. I have 2 possibilities to choose from in my Malabrigo Sock stash, "Primavera" and "Lettuce".

My choice will depend on whether I want to go subtle or bold. I'll make the final decision when I get the pattern.

Prairie Willow can be found on Ravelry at noliegirl.

Yarn photos copyright Prairie Willow Knits
Shawl photo copyright WestKnits

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